Saturday, May 26, 2012

Video Game Review: Diablo III

To keep things fresh, this is an attempt at one of my many ideas for post subjects.  I'm going to review entertainment related objects. Movies, music, video games, TV shows, books, etc.

So for you nerdlings out there, I've decided to go for a review on the newest big name game release out there; Diablo III.

I am an admitted gamer. It's honestly not that shameful to admit in today's world. There's millions of us out there. Hell, ONE game(WoW) that I play involves millions of people by itself. Then you can add in the console gamers, PC gamers, smartphone gamers, and others. I'm even counting the people who played the original black and white snake on the tiny screens of cell phones in the early 2000's.  You know who you are.  With that said, I recently decided to make the purchase of Diablo III. The anticipation of this game stretched for over a decade from it's predecessor. So with such a big build up, there are a lot of expectations one has for such a game.

As with the first two games in the series, Diablo III is pretty straightforward in game play.  It doesn't stray from the originals in that regard.  It is graphically advanced, clearly up to speed with today's technology. It is absolutely fun to engage in from the start, and you are easily convinced that the game is living up to it's expectations. Great storyline, great options, great design, and cool concepts.  Then you advance to higher difficulties, and suddenly you start seeing the flaws of the game. And damn are there a ton.

Edit: I originally had a much larger post, but then I came across a meme that basically sums up the game. I realized writing about all of the flaws in Diablo III would require a short novel. Instead, I give you this...

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