Saturday, May 26, 2012

Shameless Fetishes & Addictions

We all have them. You can admit it, at least to yourself. Letting others know is a whole different story.  Luckily for you, I'm willing to share mine. Will they all be embarrassing? No, I don't believe so. Some are more interesting than others.  If you are interested, feel free to share yours below. Maybe it'll lead others onto it, and you won't be the only person in the world who likes pickle and peanut butter sandwiches(seriously know someone who eats them).  Also, if you were the pervert who clicked on this post expecting sexual things, you're going to be sore(not like that, perv) and mistaken.

A meme, just for you.
  1. Video Games -  I know what you're thinking. This isn't much of a shameful thing to admit in today's world. I'll counter and tell you that you're wrong. The only people who think it isn't shameful, are fellow gamers. The rest of you just shake your head with pity, thinking gamers don't realize there's a real world out there. "You poor sons o' bitches". Also, I play WoW. It has 10 million subscribers you say? I can't even count the times I've been teased about playing this game. Either guys are 'too cool' for it, or women think you're a large child with an overactive imagination.  I say 'screw you', I'm going to play my games anyway. I'm trying to type this post in a fashionable amount of time so I can go level my monk.
  2. Memes - For those of you who are about to open a new browser to Google the term, allow me to help and save you the trouble. Memes are the Internet sensation of taking a picture(random, though some get popular), and putting text over it to make a joke. is the place to go. I'm there daily. I laugh out loud(no really, I actually do) at the majority of them. And once you get the inside jokes down, they become even funnier. A lot of them are random and terrible puns, but you still find yourself laughing. I think the best part of memes is the fact that a lot of them are 100% true, speaking about something you have thought yourself but would never openly say to others.  
  3. Coldplay - OK, so this another one of those "you're dumb for claiming it's shameless" items. Not so, I say.  Sure, in a perfect world where all humans were in touch with their emotions, Coldplay would be even more popular than they currently are.  What you might realize is that we sure as hell don't live in that world.  Coldplay is an amazing band. I personally enjoy the majority of their songs, would love to see them perform live, and hate Chris for being married to Gwyneth Paltrow. (small thing here, but Apple? Really? I would've went with Orange. That way kids couldn't make fun of my child with rhymes(Due Date anyone?))  Anyway, a lot of guys can lose some points amongst one another.  Scenario A: Four guys at a bar, having a guys night. Jukebox stops playing Foo Fighters, starts playing Coldplay. One of the guys, the one with the Mai Tai in hand, suddenly starts singing along. The other 3 stop, stare, and shake their heads as they slowly distance themselves.  Well I'm that guy, though I'd prefer a beer instead of the Mai Tai.
  4. Fantasy Sports - Another one of those things played by millions(of dudes), but frowned upon in society.  This one is more for the ladies. It's August, you are outside on the patio, lemonade(w/vodka?) and book in hand. Your darling man suddenly appears with an expression and body language that immediately makes you tense up. "This ought to be good." He asks if he can have the guys over next weekend, it was his turn to host the fantasy football draft. Offers of sacrifice(doing the dishes, flowers, etc) are presented. What say you?  Let the boys play is what I say!  Also, managing a team allows every guy to think his criticisms of his favorite real life team are valid, and that he should apply for the open GM job. "I'll trade McCoy and Hillis for Brady. 

I'm stopping there for now. I think this might be an ongoing series of posts. I thought of a few others, but didn't think they were worthy of commenting on.  As I said before, if you think you have a contribution, feel free to leave a comment. Also, any suggestions on the blog overall I will welcome and take into consideration. It's brand new, and I plan on continuously working on it to make it a great experience for all. 

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